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England’s countryside is sure to capture your imagination and charm you with its beauty. Nestled throughout the country are many villages that can provide important refuelling stops in their cosy cafés and fine dining restaurants. It would simply be remiss when visiting England not to partake in the first-rate shopping experience of London. Everything and anything is available in its magnificent streets.

Scotland boasts a fine array of lochs, one famous for its very famous resident monster – “Nessie.” If you visit the magnificent capital city of Edinburgh to taste its history and culture, it is only a short hop to St Andrews, one of the most iconic golf courses in the world.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is modern, energetic and breathtakingly beautiful. The marina area has an air of romance and some gorgeous bars and restaurants with a cosmopolitan range of continental offerings as well as local treats.

Both Northern Ireland and Ireland also offer visitors to the British Isles a range of cultural and culinary highlights. While in the countries’ capital cities, eating a hearty Irish stew in one of Belfast’s traditional old pubs or visiting the Guinness factory in Dublin are just two such activities one might wish to experience.


The wealth of history in this diverse cluster of countries dates back to before Neolithic times. The stone circle of Stonehenge is as eerie as it is mysterious. Similar monuments can be seen in Wales and Scotland pre-dating the Viking invasions. Each episode in the British Isles’ past is recorded in the museums of the towns and cities, but it is the architecture which tells the story of changes in style and culture.


Wherever you travel in the British Isles you can be certain of warm hospitality. As heavy industry has declined, visitors are more valued than ever and an open-door attitude is the result. The population is itself very multicultural and this is reflected in the multitude of languages you will hear and the delights of the cuisine you will be offered.


You can find literally anything you may wish to eat in the British Isles thanks to the multicultural population, but traditional dishes are hearty and warming. Try a roast dinner with beef, Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings, including lashings of gravy. When you are near the coast do not miss out on fish and chips with crispy batter and plenty of vinegar.

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Highlights of the region.

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Wonderful places to visit

It is perhaps surprising that such a small landmass as the British Isles could accommodate three quite different countries, each with their own proud heritage, landscape and people. As you cruise to the British Isles you will see a land of rugged coastline and pastoral countryside. The country is also home to awe-inspiring mountains, lakes and sophisticated cities with some of the best shopping on the planet.


England, the largest country in the British Isles, is a thrilling, multicultural blend of beauty, cutting-edge architecture and history. Given its historic influence over so many other countries dating back to the days of the British Empire, visitors come to soak up the heritage and perhaps to research their own past.