Deaf/hearing impairment

We are able to offer a hearing loop facility at Southampton cruise terminals and at the Purser’s Office on board. In addition we also provide an ‘infra-red’ hearing support system within some of our theatres and show lounges - compatible headsets are available from the Purser’s Office.

A limited number of wireless visual alert systems and textphones are available on board. The textphone system is subject to the availability of telephone lines on board. The textphone will also enable us to alert you to any important announcements concerning your voyage and in the event of an emergency. Please note the visual alert system, will reduce surface space in your cabin.

Our in-stateroom emergency video offers closed captioning and a British Sign Language translated version. The televisions within the cabins don’t have closed captioning due to the way that the satellite signal is received.

Should you wish to watch a DVD in your cabin; subject to availability we can provide access to a DVD player and a DVD library which contains closed captioning. Please speak to the Purser’s Office for further information.