Mobility ashore

Staff will be able to provide wheelchair or arm assistance from the top to the bottom of the gangway only where safe to do so. Guests must make their own way to/from the terminal/shuttle bus/tour buses etc. Please note if your Shore Excursions are operated by minibus, there will be no storage space for mobility scooters or wheelchairs.

Due to the extreme tidal nature and gangway configurations required to cope with large varying height differences between the quay and the ship side, there is a strong chance that full and/or part time wheelchair users may be required to stay on board in ports including, but not limited to: Bilbao, Brest, La Coruna, Le Havre, La Rochelle, Lisbon, Zeebrugge, Canary Island ports, Hamburg, Boston, Halifax, Portland, Quebec, Darwin, San Francisco and Mumbai. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but we hope you will appreciate that this is in the interests of your safety. 

At ports where it is not possible to use the ship’s bow, access to shore will be either by a long straight shore gangway fitted with self levelling steps to take into account the tidal conditions or, in some cases, wooden batons for foot grips. Dependent on tidal conditions the baton type can be quite steep at times. 

The ship may also use its own narrow stepped gangway (the ‘accommodation ladder’) which also features self levelling steps to take account of the tide.