Stay healthy whilst cruising with Cunard

  • Cruise with Cunard and stay healthy. How does one enjoy the luxuries of a European cruise or tropical getaway, guilt free? Canyon Ranch experts weigh in on how easy it is to stay healthy whilst cruising with Cunard. Running man
  • Synchronise your body clock.

    A change in sleep patterns, a common problem when travelling across time zones, can potentially interfere with the hormones that monitor your appetite and alter your mood. To get your holiday started-off on the right foot, try arriving at a far-away embarkation port one or two days in advance to allow your body to adjust to the time change. And while sailing, aim to keep a consistent bedtime schedule.
  • Agua. Acqua. Eau.

    Don’t let yourself get dehydrated while cruising or touring destinations. If you wait until you feel thirsty you’ve waited too long! Proactively drink water and lots of it – carry a refillable water bottle so you can sip on the go (aim for a drink about every five minutes). Think water is too bland? Try green tea (hot or cold) – in addition to keeping you hydrated, the antioxidants are detoxifying and promote relaxation.
  • Good eats.

    Chrissy Wellington, a nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox says, “You don’t have to deprive yourself during your vacation, but planning ahead and practicing a little self-restraint will help you stay healthy on the road – or at sea in this case.” Chrissy suggests familiarising yourself with the culinary offerings as soon as you get on board so you can identify the unique dishes or desserts you’ll want to indulge in and plan to increase your activity that day. (To make it even easier, choose the Canyon Ranch Spa Selections at every meal, which features gourmet dishes that offer a healthy balance of calories, quality carbs and healthy fats). Another tip: embrace the food philosophy of your destination by sampling fresh ingredients and healthy dishes that are indigenous to the area.
  • Some ideas: Setting sail to an island or somewhere tropical? Load up on native fruits like mangoes, coconuts, loquats, and papayas. While sight-seeing in Europe, choose olive oil in place of butter. A staple of European cuisine, olive oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. In the Mediterranean, reduce your risk of heart disease by noshing on meals primarily consisting of fruits, legumes, whole grains and nuts and take advantage of the plethora of fresh fish and seafood options. What’s more, the small portions of Europe and the Mediterranean allow you to enjoy rich, heavier dishes without piling on the calories of a full-sized dish.
  • Work it out.

    Don’t let your efforts at the gym fall to the wayside. Utilise the on board workout facilities for a traditional take on being active, or try a new physical activity such as shuffleboard or croquet. Sight-seeing at the ports or walking the parameter of the ship counts too! Carry a pedometer with you and keep track of your steps, aiming to increase your distance each day.

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