Regions of the World, by Cunard

Regions of the World, by Cunard.
The regions of the world encompass such vast areas of natural beauty and human wonder it can be challenging to know where to start.
That is why Cunard is delighted to present carefully curated voyages to the most fascinating regions on Earth. Culturally rich, scenically stunning, each itinerary balances days of discovery ashore with blissful indulgence and exploration at sea. With as much or as little to do as you please, your only decision is where to begin.

Where will you explore?

    • Aerial shot of Cape Town

      Africa and the Indian Ocean.

      Discover Africa and the Indian Ocean for yourself on board our three Queens. The scenery you’ll encounter on the African mainland and on the islands around its shores is dramatic, often untamed and filled with beauty. Orange dunes, yellow savannah, deep green hills and azure seas paint the most vivid pictures. Discover more
    • Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska


      Alaska – the Great Land – is a magnificent wilderness brimming with spectacular scenery and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Uncover the mysteries of this last frontier of the north as you sail through dramatic fjords and explore lush rain forests filled with an abundance of wildlife. Discover more
    • Thai dancers


      Rising from Arabia's desert sand, the cities of the Middle East gleam in the hot sun, towering testaments to opulence and ingenuity, while the allure of Hong Kong captivates through its contrasts: bustling street markets next to glossy stores; illuminated skyscrapers peopled with ancient beliefs and customs. Discover more
    • Great Barrier Reef

      Australia and New Zealand.

      Awe-inspiring landscapes with wonderful wildlife are as much a feature of this region as its laid-back, friendly cities. Beyond the charming and unique coastal calls of mainland Australia lie the breathtaking natural landscapes and inspiring destinations of New Zealand, plus the stunning scenery and cultural diversity of Papua New Guinea. Discover more
    • Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

      The Americas and the Pacific.

      The Americas are filled with mystique, excitement and dramatic landscapes. You can encounter steaming rainforests and sparse desert, towering mountains and creaking glaciers. Bustling cities sprawl outwards or rise majestically upwards. Islands in oceans on either side offer their warm, friendly welcome. Discover more