Grand Voyages on Queen Elizabeth

Grand Voyages, by Queen Elizabeth.
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Grand Voyages in 2019.

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  • Southampton to Cape Town.

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    Start your new year with a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to the vineyards and game reserves of South Africa. Enjoy early stops in Spain and Portugal before a 10 day crossing to Namibia, the Diamond of Africa. Keep watch as Table Mountain rises to greet you on approach to Cape Town.

  • Southampton to Melbourne.

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    Begin your new year like never before with more than a month’s cruise to the cool café culture and street art of Melbourne, Australia. Stop at sun drenched, historic ports; go on a 'Big Five' South African safari; glimpse paradise in the Indian Ocean and tour the world’s top vineyards.

  • Sydney to Tokyo.

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    Almost two weeks of luxurious sea days on this Grand Voyage are perfectly interspersed with discovery ashore at the most diverse destinations. Remember forever highlights like the warm welcome by the tribes of Papua New Guinea and the 4.5 mile island of Boracay in The Philippines.

  • Japan to Alaska.

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    Experience an exciting journey on Queen Elizabeth and sail from Japan on a 27-night journey where you'll explore Alaska's beautifully remote landscapes and witness its thriving wildlife before ending this epic cruise in Vancouver.

Southampton to Cape Town.

Queen Elizabeth
16 nights
3 - 19 January 2019

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  • Before the shoreline of Southampton slips away, your voyage begins with a majestic sense of space and freedom aboard Queen Elizabeth. After a day's relaxation or exploration at sea, you arrive at the old Spanish fishing port of Vigo. Shaded squares and cobbled streets make for a delightful amble, with Celtic influences since 600 BC.

  • Moving on to Madeira, swathed in lush greenery bearing all manner of tropical fruits. Ascending by cable car to Monte, you can then take a wicker toboggan down, steered expertly by gondoliers dressed in whites.

  • Eight glorious days gives you time to discover the myriad of delights and diversions on board, and to meet or retreat from fellow voyages as you please.

  • Then Walvis Bay, the 'Diamond of Africa'. Home to the ancient Namib Desert with its iconic sand dunes, and diversity of people, cultures and traditions. Between the dunes and the ocean, the lagoon of Walvis Bay is home to prolific birdlife.

  • And finally, Cape Town – one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by magnificent beaches, rugged mountains, and luscious vineyards.

Southampton to Melbourne.

Queen Elizabeth
38 nights
3 January - 10 February 2019

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  • Embark on a voyage that leaves as much time to explore the delights on board, as it does the fascinating itinerary ashore.

  • Retracing the classic ocean liner route, Queen Elizabeth pauses first in the Spanish port of Vigo allowing you to wander its charming streets or visit Santiago de Compostela. Moving on, the rugged ‘Garden Island’ of Madeira is swathed in greenery and criss-crossed by small irrigation channels, or levadas. Explore the mountains or ascend by cable car to Monte then take a wicker toboggan down.

  • Next Namibia, where stark beauty meets contrasting landscapes and the oldest desert. Between the dunes and the ocean, the lagoon of Walvis Bay attracts prolific birdlife, notably flocks of pink flamingos.

  • Then Cape Town calls, with the magnificent Table Mountain, further out the university town of Stellenbosch acclaimed for its luscious wine. Vibrant Port Elizabeth then offers rich architectural heritage, blissful beaches, and the chance to see big game. After Le Port in the Réunion Islands the sun-drenched beauty of Mauritius beckons with old-fashioned markets, dazzling beaches, and kaleidoscopic fish.

Sydney to Tokyo.

Queen Elizabeth
18 nights
1 - 19 April 2019

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  • Described by American author James Michener as, “a thing of beauty, a fairy-tale body of water”, Sydney is an exciting start to your voyage to discover alluring destinations in the region.

  • A day at sea allows you time to ease into the gentle rhythms of life aboard Queen Elizabeth, or investigate the many possibilities she holds in store. Your first landfall is the laid-back city of Brisbane with its Edwardian architecture landscaped with jacarandas, flame trees, and bougainvilleas thriving in its semi-tropical climate.

  • Two further peaceful or eventful sea days bring you to Alotau on Papua New Guinea, adorned with white beaches and scene of the famous World War II Battle of Milne Bay. Then onto Rabaul with its extraordinary wildernesses; a land of tiny tree kangaroos and giant butterflies.

  • Four days at sea allow you to fully immerse yourself on board, before arriving at the beautifully relaxed little island of Boracay in the Philippines. Contrasting this is the chaotic and colourful capital of Manila, hiding historic gems of interest.

  • Then a final four sea days of delight bring you to Japan’s Yokohama, with tours available to the futuristic city of Tokyo.

Japan to Alaska

Queen Elizabeth
27 nights
5 May - 27 May 2019

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  • Cunard is back in Alaskan waters for the first time in over 20 years. Be a part of Cunard’s legacy and join Queen Elizabeth as she departs on her first ever Alaska voyage. Leaving Tokyo (from Yokohama), you will cross the North Pacific and Gulf of Alaska, taking in northern Japan and the remote and stunning Russian district of Sakhalin on the way to Alaska and British Columbia. This new itinerary includes 11 maiden calls.

  • In Yokohama, experience both Japan’s traditional and pop cultures. Explore some of the city's gardens and museums, or delve into the spiritual side of Japan by participating in a tea ceremony.

  • Reaching Alaska, be amazed at Hubbard Glacier off the coast of Yakutat, more than six miles wide where it meets the ocean. The face is up to 400 feet tall, and icebergs three to four stories in height are not uncommon. Ketchikan is best known for three things: salmon, scenery and the rich Alaska Native culture you can experience during a memorable land tour.

  • Juneau offers incredible outdoor activities like glacier flightseeing, whale watching, fishing and kayaking amidst the stunning Alaskan landscape. There’s also a wealth of cultural attractions, including museums, historical sites and art galleries to explore before you end your journey in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Grand Voyages in 2020.

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  • Tokyo to Vancouver.

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    Embark on a Grand Voyage like no other. Queen Elizabeth begins this extraordinary voyage from Yokohama near Tokyo, making two more Japanese calls before arriving in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. Heading north east across the International Date Line, you'll seek out the frozen wildernesses, incredible wildlife, mighty glaciers and gold rush towns of Alaska.

Tokyo to Vancouver.

Queen Elizabeth
19 nights
15 May - 3 June 2020

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  • Grand is indeed the word for this voyage, offering an incredible itinerary with scenic cruising including the Inside Passage with the fjords and glaciers of Tracey Arm – from the comfort and luxury of Queen Elizabeth.

  • Dazzling Tokyo is a thrilling place to begin your voyage. From here, you’ll sail to Hakodate with its intriguing European influences, the southern gateway to the mountainous northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Next, you'll call at Otaru, known for its canals lined with 18th and 19th century warehouses, a legacy of its trading history with Russia and China.

  • Crossing the International Date Line brings you the Alaskan port of Kodiak, home to the Alutiiq people for over 7,000 years. Pause at Anchorage, then sail to Alaska's beautiful capital, Juneau, before passing the pristine Tracy Arm fjord with lush woodlands, cascading waterfalls, and blue-tinged glaciers.

  • Cruise the pristine Inside Passage, past breathtaking snow-capped mountains, deep fjords and forested islands, on to your final port, cosmopolitan Vancouver with its unique European feel and stunning parks.

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