• The transformation begins. Over the coming weeks, over 2,600 contractors and 1,200 crew will work tirelessly to remaster Queen Mary 2. Carpets will be removed and hull paint stripped off. All the while, White Star Service remains with our galleys, catering for the contractors and crew on board.
The Queen arrives.
Manoeuvring Queen Mary 2 into the Elbe 17 Dry Dock was no mean feat – there were inches to spare. With the water drained, a process that took several hours, her keel sits just 850 mm from dry ground.
  • Even as she inches forward, Queen Mary 2 maintains her majestic poise. Over 10,000 residents lined the Elbe to welcome their temporary guest.
  • Whilst her remastered interiors are undeniably beautiful, an equally important part of Queen Mary 2’s refit is making her more efficient with new technology and engineering.
During this initial deconstruction phase, Queen Mary 2 will become almost unrecognisable. Below we capture some of the work that’s going on day and night in Hamburg.