Bringing It Together

  • The Remastered Queen begins to emerge. We’re over half way through Queen Mary 2’s Remastering, and work has begun focusing on the finer details – from woodworking to upholstery. The new areas are beginning to take shape.
The Remastered Queen is coming together.
Much of the heavy construction work is now complete, and attention shifts to the finer details. Craftsmen are now on board installing new fittings and repairing existing items. Artwork is being restored, floors re-varnished and tiles laid.
  • Wood featured heavily in the original Queen Mary, and the same is true of Queen Mary 2. Almost every wooden surface will be sanded and varnished or painted; from the Queens Room ballroom floor to every inch of the teak decking.
  • QM2 Remastered isn’t all about smaller details at this stage though. A new structure of additional staterooms has been lifted into place onto Deck 13 over the course of a few days.
Queen Mary 2 is slowly beginning to emerge, with Remastered rooms gradually becoming recognisable. Below is a small selection of images showing progress.