QM2 Remastered

  • Queen Mary 2 returns, Remastered. On Thursday 23 June 2016 our flagship returned to Southampton, Remastered. Over the course of her refit, the interior and exterior of our flagship was transformed. The Remastered Grand Lobby
The big reveal.
As the first guests arrived on board in Hamburg, Queen Mary 2’s crew bristled with pride at their remastered home. Weeks of hard work have been for this moment – the first, awe-struck reaction as guests walk into the Grand Lobby or discover the stunning Carinthia Lounge. Join us to explore how the best has been made better.
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  • The Remastered Queen begins to emerge.

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    We’re over half way through Queen Mary 2’s Remastering, and work has begun focusing on the finer details – from woodworking to upholstery. The new areas are beginning to take shape.

  • The transformation begins.

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    Across the Elbe, opposite Hamburg’s bustling city centre, lies the Blohm + Voss Shipyard and their Elbe 17 dry dock. After hours of very careful maneuvering, this is now Queen Mary 2’s home for several weeks whilst she is remastered. It’s only when the dry dock is emptied that the full scale of our flagship becomes clear.