Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing - 7 nights, Oct 2018

M838A leaving New York for 7 nights from 7 October to 14 October 2018 on board Queen Mary 2

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Our classic Transatlantic Crossing leads east from a memorable New York send-off. Seven nights and six days to Southampton create a uniquely relaxed, sociable and sophisticated experience, with a wealth of activities to fill every moment and the luxury of time to unwind.

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Taxes, fees and port expenses of $76.18 are additional.

  • Queen Mary 2

    The newly Remastered Queen Mary 2 is the epitome of a luxury liner. The flagship of the Cunard fleet offers the last word in travel luxury – from the largest ballroom at sea to the sumptuous Commodore Club.

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    Learn more about the itinerary of this cruise and possible shore excursions available at each port.

On Board Speakers

Robin Scagell
Robin Scagell - Author & Astronomer

Robin Scagell is a lifelong amateur astronomer. After a career as a journalist, he is now a freelance author of astronomy books. He also runs Galaxy Picture Library, which is devoted to providing astronomy and space photos to the media.

His written works include Complete Guide to Stargazing, 101 Things to Spot in the Night Sky, The Urban Astronomy Guide, Stargazing with BinocularsStargazing with a Telescope and Night Sky Atlas. He also pops up from time to time on Sky News, BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel and many other programmes. Robin even has an asteroid named after him (24728 Scagell), but neither the asteroid nor Robin poses a threat to civilisation as we know it.

Speakers may be subject to change.
Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz - Cartoonist

Benjamin Schwartz has been a regularly contributing cartoonist for The New Yorker since 2012.

When he isn’t at the drawing board, he’s working as an Assistant Professor of Medicine (in Surgery) at Columbia University Medical Center, where he uses art to help teach future doctors how to deliver more compassionate, patient-centred care. He lives in the suburbs of New York City with his wife and daughter (whose name he sneaks into each of his cartoons).

Speakers may be subject to change.
Celia Imrie
Celia Imrie - Actress

Described by The Times as one of the most successful British actresses of recent decades, Olivier Award-winning Celia Imrie is probably best known as one of the naked Calendar Girls - she needed bigger buns.

She has appeared in many films from Hilary & Jackie, Nanny McPhee, and Bridget Jones's Diary to Highlander and Star Wars – The Phantom Menace. On TV she has featured in cult series from Absolutely Fabulous and Stephen Fry’s Kingdom to Return to Cranford. On stage Celia had a huge off-Broadway hit a few years back with her one–woman show Unsuspecting Susan at 59E59. Celia also gave a searing performance as Vera in the TV production of Ruth Rendell’s A Dark Adapted Eye.

Speakers may be subject to change.
Gloria Barnett
Gloria Barnett - Oceanographer

Scientist, author and presenter Gloria started out as a biologist with a special interest in oceanography. Gloria obtained her first degree in sciences, before completing her Masters Degree in education.

Gloria enjoyed teaching Science to 11-18 year old students for 15 years before moving on to life as an Education Consultant and Examiner involved in school improvement projects with inner city schools. The consultancy work included advising science teachers, writing teaching materials for science lessons, together with presenting teacher training courses on “Teaching Exciting Science” and writing revision books for A-level biology. 

Gloria’s love of the sea is not just theoretical - she enjoys sailing, scuba diving and underwater videography and has dived in a variety of areas around the world studying the underwater creatures she talks about on Cruise Ships. Gloria is the author of  The Amazing World Beneath the Waves and in this fully illustrated guide, Gloria shares her passion for the sea, explaining in accessible terms the fascinating underwater world of our planet’s oceans.    

Speakers may be subject to change.
Dr Jeffrey Hoffman
Jeffrey Hoffman - Former NASA Astronaut

As a NASA astronaut, Dr Jeffrey Hoffman made five space flights, becoming the first astronaut to log 1,000 hours of flight time aboard the Space Shuttle. He is now Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr. Hoffman was Payload Commander of STS-46, the first flight of the US-Italian Tethered Satellite System, and played a key role in coordinating the scientific and operational teams working on this project. He has performed four spacewalks, including the first unplanned, contingency spacewalk in NASA’s history (STS 51D; April, 1985) and the initial repair/rescue mission for the Hubble Space Telescope (STS 61; December, 1993).

In 2007, Dr. Hoffman was inducted to the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. NASA recently selected Dr. Hoffman as the Deputy Principal Investigator for the first experiment that will produce oxygen directly out of the atmosphere of Mars.

Speakers may be subject to change.
Lawrence Kuznetz
Lawrence Kuznetz - NASA and Astronomy

Dr Kuznetz received his PhD in Bioengineering and Space Physiology under Professor Emeritus Nello Pace at the University of California, Berkeley, where he developed a computer model of human thermo-regulation for astronauts on the lunar surface during Project Apollo. Dr Kuznetz has been involved in a number of projects encompassing a wide range of fields from astro / exobiology to Mars spacesuit design.

In his current capacity as Senior Scientist to Astronaut Michael Gernhardt, he is responsible for elements of new spacesuit design, including 'Pamela,' a Planetary Algorithm for Metabolic, Exploration and Life-support Assessment that monitors all spacesuit systems and converses like HAL (without the problems, hopefully). Prior to that, Dr. Kuznetz oversaw some 45 human life science experiments aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Dr. Kuznetz’ research interests span extremophile survival rates in non-terrestrial environments; the existence and stability of liquid water on the Martian surface; countermeasures to the effects of microgravity and Education Outreach Programs. He has also been involved in spacecraft Build, Management and Operations for OV-102 (Space Shuttle Columbia) at the Kennedy Space Center, and directed the Challenger Memorial Project, a memorial to the Space Shuttle Challenger and its crew.  Built by the efforts of over 1000 student volunteers and 100 corporate donors, this full scale replica of Challenger’s forward fuselage, including the Flight Deck and Mid-deck was used by the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley as a hands-on learning tool for children. Dr. Kuznetz has taught and lectured at the University of Houston, University of Texas, Stanford University, MIT and the University of California, Berkeley, where he created and developed Mars2012, a design project-based research course targeting undergraduates.

Speakers may be subject to change.
Robert Key
Robert Key - Historian, former British MP

Veteran British politician and antiquarian Robert Key, an alumnus of Cambridge University, taught at Churchill’s old school, Harrow, before his election to Parliament in 1983 for his home City of Salisbury which he served for 27 years. He was a Minister in the Governments of Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major and Parliamentary Secretary to former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath.

As Minister for National Heritage Robert was responsible for Britain’s Royal Parks and Palaces. His passion for history developed early, living as a child in the medieval city of Salisbury, and in the shadow of England’s greatest medieval cathedral - also home of the finest surviving 1215 Magna Carta.

Robert will share with us his deep knowledge of Britain’s origins, traditions and personality. His life in politics through many turbulent years and great events gives him a unique perspective on the legacy of Magna Carta.

Speakers may be subject to change.
Professor Lucie Green
Professor Lucie Green - Space scientist, author, broadcaster

Lucie is a Professor of Physics and a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL’s Department of Space and Climate Physics and studies activity in the atmosphere of our nearest star, the sun. In particular, Lucie is interested in the immense magnetic fields in the sun’s atmosphere which sporadically erupt into the solar system. If these eruptions reach the Earth they can drive major space weather events. She is interested in how the magnetic configuration of the eruptions relates to geomagnetic activity and what this means for those living in the UK.

Lucie is very active in public engagement with science and regularly gives public talks as well as supporting her departmental public engagement programme. She sits on the Advisory Board for the Science Museum, is Chair of Governors of the UCL Academy and is Chief Stargazer at the Society for Popular Astronomy. Her first popular science book is called 15 Million Degrees: A Journey to the Centre of the Sun, which discusses the history and current activities in solar physics.

Speakers may be subject to change.

Relax, Discover and Delight

  • White Star Service
    White Star Service

    White Star Service is something you'll experience from your first moment on board. How do we describe it? It's the warmth of that first welcome, the white-gloved hand that serves fresh fruit, or afternoon tea, and the polite yet friendly greeting in the corridor. It's a service so discreet you barely notice it, yet is always ready to help.

  • Total comfort
    Total comfort
    11:17 Right now on board Queen Mary 2
  • Taking it easy
    Taking it easy

    How about some holiday reading to pass the morning? You'll definitely find a page-turner in the largest library at sea. Or perhaps you'll spend the morning browsing the daily programme that lists all of the activities and events for the day ahead.

  • Take in the view
    Take in the view

    As you sail into beautiful destinations, you can take in the view while relaxing on deck. You may even want to rise a few hours early and take in the sunrise.

  • Promenade deck
    Promenade deck

    Wake yourself up with a brisk walk or breezy jog around our promenade deck. Three laps make a mile!

  • Breakfast

    How will you take your breakfast this morning? Perhaps a fresh croissant from the Remastered King's Court buffet, maybe fresh coffee in the Carinthia Lounge, a delicious hot meal from your allocated restaurant or you may even want to take breakfast in the comfort of your stateroom. It's up to you.

  • Socialising

    Our ships are remarkably sociable, with plenty of activities and opportunities for you to meet fellow guests and make new friends. We also hold sessions especially for solo travellers to meet up should you wish. Don't forget, if your holiday is all about finding your own quiet time - there are plenty of ways for you to do this too.

  • Special occasions
    Special occasions

    Every Cunard voyage is a memorable event in its own right, which is exactly why so many guests choose to celebrate important events such as birthdays, anniversaries or weddings on board. Whatever your reason to celebrate, we can help make your special occasion even more memorable with our range of unique celebration and gift packages.

  • Canyon Ranch SpaClub
    Canyon Ranch SpaClub

    Enjoy the ultimate in pampering and wellness at the exquisite on board Canyon Ranch SpaClub®. Indulge in signature Canyon Ranch massages, treatments and facials from the classic Canyon Stone Massage or Rasul Ceremony, to exotic Ayurvedic or Thai treatments.

  • Sports

    Work off last night's delicious meal with a few laps around the running track or an energetic game on the sports court. Or for a more leisurely activity, why not try the traditional nautical games of shuffleboard and deck quoits.

  • Your favourite pastimes
    Your favourite pastimes

    Find time for your favourite pastimes in the afternoon - whether it's bridge, a board game, or getting lost in a good book. When you're in the mood for a little friendly competition there are tournaments throughout the day from quizzes to quoits.

  • Library

    The quality and range of literature available in this beautiful room magnifies the stunning views over the bow. Take the time to linger over more than 8,000 books, in the largest library at sea.

  • Afternoon Tea
    Afternoon Tea

    Soon enough after lunch, it'll be time for our famous Afternoon Tea, served with freshly baked scones and mouth-watering sandwiches. You can set your watch by it, and it's beautifully presented as always by white gloved waiters.

  • Lunch

    Lunch presents you with several delicious choices. The remastered Kings Court offers a wide selection of freshly prepared dishes in a casual setting. Alternatively, the Golden Lion's pub menu has a choice of all the traditional pub fare. Or, of course, fine dining can be enjoyed in your allocated restaurant or The Verandah. The choice is yours.

  • Space to unwind
    Space to unwind

    Relaxation happens so easily on our ships. Early on you'll realise just how carefree everything is. This feeling comes from the friendliness, comfort and space around you, and knowing that every day is your own.

  • The Canyon Ranch SpaClub
    The Canyon Ranch SpaClub

    Let yourself drift away and be pampered. The superb spa on board, just moments away, can lift you to another level of relaxation. Here you can slow the pace with that hot stone massage you keep promising yourself...

  • Wine packages
    Wine packages

    Treat yourself or your friends to a bottle of crisp white or full-bodied red from Cunard’s well-stocked cellar. We can deliver it to your table at dinner or have it waiting for you in your stateroom. For a special celebration, why not put a bottle of bubbly on ice?

  • Illuminations

    Take a virtual ride into outer space, view the stars and other visual spectacles or take a course on celestial navigation in Illuminations, Queen Mary 2's full-scale Planetarium and the only Planetarium at sea! Each day sees a new show to tantalise your imagination.

  • Music

    Enjoy the soft relaxing music from the beautiful ivory keys played by Queen Mary 2’s talented resident pianist.

  • Shopping

    Once you've had lunch, why not enjoy some extraordinary shopping from top boutiques and brands such as Aspinal of London and H.Stern, in addition to exquisite jewellery, high fashion and further voyage souvenirs.

  • A sense of occasion
    A sense of occasion

    There's nothing quite like watching the sun set from the scenic Commodore Club, clinking flutes in the Champagne Bar or the social hubbub of the Captain's Cocktail reception. Evenings on board offer an array of priceless moments that will stay with you for years to come.

  • Queens Room
    Queens Room

    In the Queens Room, the full orchestra fills the floor, whether on Big Band nights or at a dazzling ball, when you can put today's tango lessons to good use.

  • The Royal Court Theatre
    The Royal Court Theatre

    Cast your eye over the Martini menu before you take your seat for a thrilling music and dance extravaganza in the magnificent Royal Court Theatre. Watch lavish musicals and unforgettable hi-tech productions performed by the Cunard Royal Dancers and Singers in this elegant two-deck setting.

  • The Empire Casino
    The Empire Casino

    Step into the Monte Carlo-inspired Empire Casino which offers a full variety of opportunities to tempt Lady Luck.

  • Dine in style
    Dine in style

    What's on the menu tonight? Chateaubriand or sea bass at your reserved restaurant table, reservations at The Verandah restaurant to sample fine dining with a French flavour, or relishing every mouthful of the menu at Lotus, whose delicacies include snow crab soup and duck spring rolls.

  • Bars and lounges
    Bars and lounges

    Whether you're looking for a celebratory glass of fine champagne, a post dinner cocktail or a light refreshment during the day, our wonderful bars and lounges are renowned as some of the most comfortable and stylish at sea.

  • Dancing

    Here's your chance to foxtrot in the largest ballroom at sea. There is no better place to hone your dancing skills than under the dramatic high ceiling of the Queens Room ballroom, with its beautiful crystal chandeliers.

  • Sumptuous accommodation
    Sumptuous accommodation

    After the evening's entertainment, retire to your own personal sanctuary. Whether Britannia stateroom or Grills suite, you'll be sure to get an amazing night's sleep and awake refreshed to enjoy whatever tomorrow brings.

  • Masquerade ball
    Masquerade ball

    Travel back to the grand old days of Venice at one of our Masquerade balls. Every evening on board is a real event and attending one of our balls in the Queens Room means you're in for a truly special evening.

  • Music

    A delightful array of musical masterpieces await your presence on board. The string quartet is the perfect accompaniment to white-gloved Afternoon Tea. Or perhaps you'll prefer the sultry sounds of the jazz band in the Chart Room while you savour a pre-dinner canapé.