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Cunard Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Friday 5am - 6pm Pacific Time (8am-9pm ET)
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In order to respond more timely and accurately to your inquiries, please choose the category that most closely resembles your question.

Also, please be sure to check our FAQs section as it often contains the answer you are looking for. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on the website, please call (800) 728-6273.

Cruise Vacation Planner:

Call (800) 468-7752 or click here to place request for a Cruise Vacation Planner to contact you.

Cunard CompleteAir Program:

Our Cunard CompleteAir Program is designed to seamlessly coordinate your air travel with your cruise itinerary.
Click here to learn more or call (800) 728-6273 to book your flights directly.

Travel Protection:
Your state-specific CunardCare information may be obtained at


Click here to order brochures for U.S. and Canada.
Order brochure for International - please contact the Cunard International sales agent in your country to order a brochure.

General Inquiries

Immigration information (please call (800) 728-6273).

Cunard World Club

Click here to update Personal Information
Request for Member number (please call (800) 728-6273).
Status of a new Membership number (please call (800) 728-6273).

Military Personnel Cruise Benefit Programme

Click here to learn more.

Ship Related Questions
Click here for information on specific ships.
Click here for general On Board Information.

Lost and Found
An item you've lost or found (please call (800) 728-6273).
Missing or damaged luggage (please call (800) 728-6273).

Pre Voyage Questions or Concerns

For questions about hotel packages, pricing inquiries, or hotel locations, please contact your local Travel Agent or call us at (800) 728-6273 for assistance.

Post Voyage Questions or Concerns

For any post-cruise questions or concerns, please address your comments to our Guest Relations Department.

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