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All our East Coast US and Canada cruises combines iconic cities and incredible scenery. Many of these follow a route that stretches from irresistible New York, through historic Boston and New England into the beautiful landscapes and national parks of Canada.


Walk along Boston’s Freedom Trail to trace the story of American Independence or visit Salem, site of the infamous witchcraft trials. In Newport, glimpse into the famous millionaire mansions, each more lavish than the last. On our cruises to America and Canada you may set eyes on the wild beauty of Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, especially in autumn when the colours of the fall reveal landscapes tinged with yellow, orange and deep red foliage.


Cunard is most famous for our Transatlantic crossings that have long linked Europe and North America. By sailing this route and exploring the US East Coast and Canada, you will become part of our history and share the same thrill and anticipation as our guests have experienced for over 175 years.


Within its non-stop buzz, the Big Apple serves up a slice of almost everything you could ever wish for. It contrasts perfectly with the more relaxed atmosphere of New England’s sweeping coastline, clapboard houses and European flavour. As you cross into Canada, the outdoor spirit grows, as the landscape becomes ever more rugged and ever more photogenic.


Beyond New York, where countless restaurants represent almost every nation on earth, you’ll find some iconic American dishes. New England clam chowder, Maine lobsters, crabs and clam bakes all await on our USA cruises. Canadian cuisine is equally eclectic, with influences from many sources – not least France. Quebec, North America’s only walled city, is home to many cafés, bistros and restaurants that wouldn’t seem out of place in Paris.

  • New York
  • Leafy Boston
  • Quebec
  • Halifax


Featured cruises to USA and Canada

  • New England and Canada

    Featured Cruise

    Tue 27 Sep to 11 Oct 2016

    New England and Canada

    Queen Mary 2

    14 nights from $1,799 per person

  • Grand Transatlantic, New England and Canada

    Featured Cruise

    Tue 20 Sep to 18 Oct 2016

    Grand Transatlantic, New England and Canada

    Queen Mary 2

    28 nights from $5,808 per person

  • Quebec, Halifax and New York

    Featured Cruise

    Tue 4 Oct to 11 Oct 2016

    Quebec, Halifax and New York

    Queen Mary 2

    7 nights from $999 per person

USA and Canada

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USA & Canada cruises