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Far East cruises offer an intoxicating mixture of non-stop cities and peaceful incense-scented temples, of lush jungle and stunning beaches. From China, Japan and Korea to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia, holidays in this part of the world are a treat for all the senses – leaving you both invigorated and relaxed.


Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is simply stunning, not least when you see it at night during the Symphony of Lights, a regular light display set to music. In Japan, you can contrast the country’s ancient traditions with its dazzling neon-lit modern face. The dreamy palaces, spires and Buddhist statues of Bangkok also live long in the memory, so too a stroll along The Bund, Shanghai’s famous promenade.


Cruises to Asia embrace routes that have been followed for centuries. The Far East has long been associated with trade, with European countries craving the spices, tea and coffee that were produced in this part of the world. It was these commodities that drew the attention of colonial powers, with the likes of the British and French trying to establish trade enclaves in the region – remnants of European influences can be seen throughout the Far East in cities like Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


The Far East has been influenced by a wide variety of cultures to create the exciting melting pot it is today. Along with indigenous people who have lived off the land and sea for millennia, surrounding Asian countries have also left their own impression Far Eastern culture. From further afield, European powers influenced many Far Eastern countries as they set up trading posts. This heady mix has created a wonderful atmosphere that blends the best of east and west.


Far Eastern food is wonderfully fragrant and makes use of fresh local ingredients and aromatic spices. Many of the tastiest dishes, whether served in a fine restaurant or from an exciting street food stall, are prepared in a sizzling wok right in front of your eyes.

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Far East

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Far East cruises