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Any Africa cruise gives you a taste of the continent’s natural beauty. Orange dunes, yellow savannah, deep green hills and azure seas paint vivid pictures. Set against these backdrops stand vibrant cities and towns, full of zest and energy. The islands around its shores are memorable too, rugged outposts with many a story to tell.


Cruises to Cape Town offer poignant visits to Robben Island, an ascent of Table Mountain or excursions out to the acclaimed winelands. Elsewhere in South Africa, game drives may reveal lions, leopards and elephants, while Namibia’s dunes and resorts are just as breathtaking. Browsing for silver, spices or carpets in the souks of North Africa offers an incredible cruise experience too.


Africa’s history has been long and often difficult. Recent centuries have been marked by wars, hunger and apartheid, but the continent’s future is looking brighter. South Africa has grown into a booming country, with wealth coming from mining and agriculture. Other African nations are developing too, often with the help of tourism as we remain captivated by the continent’s beauty and vibrancy.


To give you an idea of Africa’s diversity, estimates suggest that somewhere between 1,500 and 3,000 languages are spoken across Africa. Africans are proud of their customs, so from our Africa cruises you can expect to see spectacular displays of costume, song and dance, along with captivating artwork made by traditional methods. Any cruise to South Africa reveals the huge cultural importance of sport, with rugby and cricket the most popular among them.


Like the continent itself, African cuisine is hugely varied. North Africa enjoys Mediterranean influences, whilst central African countries offer staples such as unleavened breads and spiced meats. South African cuisine is known for its eclectic use of different cooking styles – taken from the many visiting traders and settlers.

  • Port Elizabeth
  • Sand dunes of Walvis Bay
  • Durban, South Africa
  • Table Mountain, Cape Town


Featured cruises to Africa

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    Southampton to Cape Town

    Queen Mary 2

    17 nights from $2,699 per person

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    Fri 27 Jan to 16 Feb 2017

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    Queen Mary 2

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    Sun 26 Mar to 20 Apr 2017

    Hong Kong to Cape Town

    Queen Elizabeth

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Africa cruises