Corner Brook cruises

Corner Brook is located on the west coast of Newfoundland, an island which separates the mouth of the St Lawrence River from the Atlantic Ocean, creating the Gulf of St Lawrence. It’s set against a backdrop of the Long Range Mountains, which form the northernmost section of the Appalachian Mountains.

This larger-than-life scenery creates a dramatic first impression when you arrive by ship, especially during the final stage that takes you around 20 miles through the Bay of Islands, a freshwater fjord, towards the mouth of the Humber River. The jagged slopes and thick forest are scenic at any time of year, although the autumn can be the most eye-catching when many of the leaves turn red, orange and copper.

Corner Brook's Cultural Heritage

Captain James Cook arrived and surveyed the area in 1767, charting the Bay of Islands and coast now dotted with fishing villages. The Captain James Cook National Historic Site, set on a cliff top, offers a spectacular view over the area. The museum also contains a number of the local maps he created, and many of the names he bestowed remain today. You could follow Captain Cook’s Trail, to charming spots like Lark Harbor, Bottle Cove and Frenchman’s Cove. You might even try some of the unique local cuisine. This includes salted meat and fish, especially cod, once a necessity for seeing residents through the long winter months, as well as pies and desserts made from local berries, such as partridgeberry.

Discover Corner Brook

The natural setting takes centre stage in this corner of Canada, and there are many walking trails around Corner Brook as well as opportunities for zip lining and river rafting for the more adventurous.

Some of the most spectacular scenery is found in Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its varied terrain includes tundra, forest, bogs, salt marshes, waterfalls, and a freshwater fjord. Yet perhaps the most fascinating spot of all is the area known as the Tablelands. Here, tectonic plates collided millions of years ago, forcing part of the earth’s mantle to the surface, creating a vast, striking and geologically intriguing landscape, scattered with ancient rocks.


Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port. The full programme of shore excursions available for your cruise will be displayed on Cruise Personaliser at least 12 weeks prior to departure.

  • Corner Brook Trail Walk

    Stroll through Corner Brook’s forested trails and discover the great outdoors.

    Corner Brook Trail Walk

    After a short shuttle transfer by school bus, you’ll begin your walking tour from Corner Brook’s scenic stream, nestled in the heart of the picturesque Boreal Forest.

    With your naturalist guide, stroll along the trail to capture the wild forest and its sweet smelling flora and fauna. Enjoy a short photograph stop at Glynmill Inn Pond to view the swans and admire the scenic beauty. Your final stop is at the Corner Brook Museum and Archives (dependant on seasonal opening hours), a Provincial Heritage site. This museum highlights Corner Brook’s natural, cultural and social history. After your visit, enjoy a tea or coffee and a muffin, before walking back to the ship.

    This excursion will operate by school bus and on foot. This tour involves around 2½ hours of leisurely walking over varying terrain which includes gravel, uneven surfaces with some inclines in places. Flat comfortable walking shoes are essential.

    Tour code



    • Activity high

      Activity Level: High

    • Refreshments included

      Refreshments included


    3 hours

  • Gros Morne National Park

    The second largest National Park in Eastern Canada, Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Gros Morne National Park

    Embark on a stunning historic drive along the Bay of Islands to the National Park of Gros Morne. The Park stretches across 1,805 square kilometres of western Newfoundland as part of the towering Long Range Mountains. The area is also world-renowned for its complex geology. It was here that geologists proved the theory of plate tectonics. The Tablelands, a mountain of flat-topped rock, formed from a kind usually found only deep in the earth’s mantle, is an awe-inspiring sight.

    With your guide, you’ll explore the Visitor Centre, which has informative displays and films about the Park. Your next stop is at the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse. The Lighthouse has guided sailors on the approach to Rocky Harbour and the entrance of Bonne Bay since 1897. The light is now automated, but the light keeper's house is open as a Park interpretive exhibit. Enjoy some free time to wander around and view the original artefacts, historical documents and photographs, many of which have been donated by local and former residents and help to make the story come alive.

    Enjoy the views from Norris Point Lookout, before heading to Rocky Harbour for a light luncheon of soup and sandwiches.

    This excursion will operate by bus and on foot. The journey to Gros Morne Visitors Centre is around 2-2 ½ hours each way. Guests will be required to walk over varying terrain during this tour, including steps and uneven dirt ground. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended.

    Tour code



    • Activity medium

      Activity Level: Medium

    • Meal included

      Meal Included


    7 hours

  • Captain Cook & Corner Brook

    Explore the beautiful Bay of Islands, charted by Captain James Cook in the late 1700s.

    Captain Cook & Corner Brook

    Captain James Cook found Corner Brook an excellent base when he charted this part of the coast in 1767, where he was a marine surveyor of Newfoundland from 1763 to 1767. With your guide, you’ll embark on a scenic drive west to Lark Harbour. Legend has it that Lark and York Harbour were both named after Captain Cook’s ships.

    Lark Harbour is a quaint fishing town, with a small, but welcoming community. Visit the Church Hall, browse the handmade crafts on display and enjoy a tea or coffee and a tasty snack.

    Then it’s back on board your coach for a scenic drive passing Bottle Cove and Frenchman’s Cove with a photo stop en-route. To round off your tour a stop will be made at Captain Cook’s Memorial Lookout, where you may admire the stunning views over the city of Corner Brook. Here, you’ll have the chance to take a look at the reproduced charts mapped by Captain Cook and that are still in use today.

    This excursion will operate by bus and on foot. To derive full enjoyment from this tour some walking is required over varying terrain, which may be uneven and inclined in parts. Guests must be able to negotiate steps onto and off the bus. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended.

    Tour code



    • Activity low

      Activity Level: Low

    • Refreshments included

      Refreshments included

    • Shopping



    4 hours

  • Bay of Newfoundland by Boat

    Take a boat ride around the bay and enjoy the sounds of traditional Newfoundland music.

    Bay of Newfoundland by Boat

    The best way to see the rugged beauty of the north and south shore lines of Newfoundland is by boat.

    Sit back and relax as you cruise past the unique communities of the ‘Bay of Islands’. During your trip the narrative commentary will offer fascinating facts about the unique geology of the region. Admire the seaside cliffs and headwalls that drop into the sea, and keep an eye out for bird and marine life.

    To add to the ambience, listen to the sounds of a local band that will be ringing out traditional Newfoundland tunes.

    This excursion will operate by school bus and boat. Guests will be transferred from the pier to the boat embarkation point by school bus. This tour involves limited walking, however a degree of agility is required when boarding the boat. There are also steps to negotiate to reach the top deck. It is advisable to take a jumper or jacket as it may feel cooler out on the water. A cash bar is available on board and there are toilet facilities. Please remember to take local currency.

    Tour code



    • Activity low

      Activity Level: Low


    2½ hours

  • Corner Brook Highlights

    Discover the Bay of Islands, forested parks and mountainous scenery during your scenic tour.

    Corner Brook Highlights

    Sit back and relax as you wind your way through the city streets of Corner Brook.

    The area was first explored by Jacques Cartier in 1534 and later by Captain James Cook, who named it in 1767. During your scenic drive you will visit Captain Cook’s Lookout and tour through the beautiful Humber River Valley. Nature permitting, you’ll witness the stunning autumn colours, majestic mountains and wildlife of the area.

    On the eastern edge of the city visit Marble Mountain and the Heritage Tree and pass the unique rock formation known as the face of the ‘Old Man in the Mountain’. According to local legend he guards the pirate treasure on Shellbird Island, buried directly below in the rapids of the Humber River.

    This excursion will operate by bus and on foot. To derive full enjoyment from this tour some walking is required over varying terrain, which may be uneven and inclined in parts. Passengers must be able to negotiate steps on to and off the bus. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended.

    Tour code



    • Activity low

      Activity Level: Low


    2 hours