British Columbia cruises

British Columbia began with the migration of people from Asia across the Bering Strait. Ever since, Canada’s westernmost province has been a harmonious home to all settlers. Today, multi-cultural communities enjoy life side by side in a powerfully varied society. In nature, much remains as it was for the First Nations people who flourished here on the salmon, abundant berry crops and indigenous wildlife for over ten thousand years.

This very special part of the world is loved by locals and travellers alike for the warm welcome that pulls you in and the vast wilderness which urges you out into the mountains, forests and waters of the Pacific Northwest.


Wherever you go in British Columbia, you’re never far from an amazing surprise. Whether it’s eagles overhead or humpback whales offshore, keep your camera at the ready. Join a hiking or kayaking expedition and you could get up close to the playful dolphins and seals, the otters and pods of orca.


For a vision of every day life in vibrant Vancouver, head to Stanley Park in the heart of the city where the energetic locals like to cycle, run and walk the 5 mile long seawall all year round. Enjoy the remote fjords and vast lakes in the marine parks, perfect for whale-watching or swimming and kayaking from May to September. Visit unforgettable scenic locations like Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge.

British Columbia’s capital, Victoria on Vancouver Island, is a buzzing global metropolis. Absorb the fashion, music, arts, culture and cuisine celebrating people of all beliefs and backgrounds. Enter the Gates of Harmonious Interest into Chinatown for some delicious food. Discover an array of art galleries and museums where you can trace the roots right back to Yuquot, or Friendly Cove, where Europeans encountered the First Nations people.


British Colombia enjoys Canada’s warmest weather and most temperate climate. Coastal regions have higher rainfall and a maritime climate and stay frost-free when winter takes hold elsewhere. In summer, British Colombia enjoys dry, warm weather and in winter, the province has colder, drier Arctic air.

Useful information

Currency is Canadian dollars with US Dollars accepted at the current rate of exchange. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Travellers’ Cheques are widely accepted and most US credit cards are honoured in Canada.

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