A Photographic Journey 2018

Photographic Journey.

Journey on board Queen Elizabeth to the Land of the Midnight Sun - experience the ethereal beauty of the Arctic Circle and learn how to capture the moment using your camera. With expert insight into the world of landscape photography, interactive workshops, and guided excursions ashore, you could take home new photography skills to last a lifetime.

1 July 2018, Queen Elizabeth


If you are passionate about photography, and would rather be behind the camera than in front of it, an on board team of professional photographers will offer you their expertise, whether you would like to learn how to best capture stunning scenery using your phone camera, understand editing, or master macro on your DSLR.

  • Land<br> of the<br> Midnight Sun

    of the
    Midnight Sun

    Late sailaways from the spectacular landscapes of Narvik and Bodo offer you the opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon - during the local summer months the sun typically remains visible at midnight.

  • On board photography courses

    On board photography courses

    Specialists in landscape and wildlife photography will show you how to harness your creativity and try the latest techniques. Take advantage of the photography team's wide range of skills with one-on-one camera lessons. With the opportunity to receive professional feedback you could make your masterpieces even better.

  • A wealth of specialist knowledge

    A wealth of specialist knowledge

    Benefit from the master expertise of Paul Ward, creator of newly commissioned architectural photos in Queen Mary 2's remastered staterooms, one of Scotland’s leading landscape photographers, and Sir Malcolm MacGregor, who is specialised in capturing images of the wild to learn how to take captivating photographs yourself.